Read and Spell by Self Learn Packed with interactive learning tasks and engaging games!


Gordon Phillips – Creator

Gordon Phillips a successful business man, Chairman of Trustees – Chairman of Bramley Health Care, Property investment companies, Lead sponsor of Knole Academy in Sevenoaks. Chairman of Phillips Education Foundation.

The creator, Gordon Phillips left school when he was 14 years old with a reading age of 5 years. When he was 16, he taught himself to read by memorising words, and at the age of 28 was diagnosed as being a severe Dyslexic. Throughout his business career he struggled with spelling and when he decided to write this program at the age of 60, he spent 6,000 hours researching the English spelling. With his new understanding of English decoding, his reading and spelling has dramatically improved and he is now confident to write his own correspondence.

Between 2006 and 2009 one of his companies operated a young offenders unit where 70% of those admitted were unable to read. He introduced an intensive reading program and within six months all the young boys could read. From this experience, he realised that every student could learn to read with sufficient support; also that dyslexic children with little support would stand little chance of learning to read. He concluded that a computer program would give them maximum one two one support. Access at school and at home was, in most cases, the only way they could learn to read and spell even if it took them a number of years to complete the program, as they could always return to it when the need arose.

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